More Escape Velocity

Mac Version

EV was (and, really, is) very much a mac game. Mac Versions Here!


The genius of Escape Velocity was its mod potential. In addition to the TCs linked on the home page, there are numerous smaller mods ("plugins") which change improve or bypass gameplay. There was the official add-ons page, now replaced by a remade version


There was a deep community around Escape Velocity in its day, including an active forum and fan sites. There's even a wiki for Nova. Now we're mostly down to a small subreddit.


/u/nill0bject managed to convert the EV Override models (the 3d meshes used to create the game's sprites) into Blender files.

Similar Games

If you still need that top down space travel fix, there are some currently supported options:

NAEV (download)

Endless Sky (download)


FlashTrek and sequels